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Summary, Lehekülg 5

Summary Eesti Loodus 2014/05

Special issue: PEIPSIMAA   Forest between poet Juhan Liiv and Peipsi Nils Niitra meditates over his experiences and findings he has gained during the 13 years he has lived in the Peipsi area (Peipsimaa). He refers to the wishes of Estonian poet Juhan Liiv to see the waters of Lake ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2014/04

Do urban brownfields have any value? Meelis Uustal convinces to rethink seemingly useless areas, the urban brownfields, which provide habitats for numerous species and are mostly ecologically valuable. On a large extent, urban brownfields carry a negative connotation and refer to derelict industrial, military or mining areas. However, on a ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2014/03

  How to recognize an insect V. The brotherhood of Pediculus humanus and Heteroptera Mati Martin sheds some more light on the diversity of insects, introducing the last orders of insects featuring hemimetabolism. The focus is turned on Paraneoptera – a monophyletic superorder of insects which includes four orders, the ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2014/2

Do we know our hares? Anne Kirk introduces the leporids, focusing on the two species living in Estonia: the primeval white hare (mountain hare) and the newcomer, European hare (brown hare). Both species have become less numerous in our country. Hares resemble rodents, but are different in many ways, especially ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2014/1

The unnoticed, yet conspicuous kingfisher Tuul Sepp discusses why the bird of the year – the kingfisher – has such a flamboyant plumage, great fishing skills and a messy nest. Both male and female kingfishers have fancy feathers, and they both take care of their offspring. They are extremely fast, ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/12

Red deer in Estonia and elsewhere Karl Ligi describes a relatively new species of our fauna – the red deer – who can more frequently be met on the western islands and in southwestern Estonia.  The author gives an overview of the biology, reproduction, and menu, area of distribution, enemies ……»