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Summary, Lehekülg 6

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/08

How to recognize an insect. I Mati Martin proposes some clues for navigating among the billions of insect species of the world. First, the author gives some insight into the complicated systematic of bugs. On a large scale, insects are classified into wingless insects, known as Apterygota, and winged insects: ……»


Eesti Loodus 2013/06-07

The world as a bird sees it Tuul Sepp and Lauri Saks discuss over how birds might see the world and if their sight different from ours. Abundant, but very complicated studies have shown that many bird species’ perception is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Such species include passerines, but also ……»


Summary 2013/03

Legs as oars, body as a shuttle Lennart Lennuk introduces a very diverse group of zooplankton: the copepods, which play an important part in the biogeochemical cycle. The copepods are possibly the most numerous multicellulars on Earth. Copepods are like tiny crustaceans, smaller than a rice grain that eat plant ……»


Summary 2013/04

Orchid of the Year: Early coralroot, a myco-heterotrophic orchid Tiiu Kull describes one of the exciting orchid species among the 400 species missing green leaves. The coralroots rely entirely upon symbiotic fungi within their coral-shaped roots for sustenance, and most. The species is named the orchid of the year because its distribution needs ……»