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Summary, Lehekülg 2

Summary Eesti Loodus 2017/1

Estonian Nature enquires Tarmo Tüür explains why the environmental organizations are unhappy with the planned changes to forest legislation. Raul Rosenvald discusses the yearly increment of timber in Estonia and the extent of deforestation that would still be sustainable. Bird of the year 2017: Eurasian collared dove has been part ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/12

Estonian Nature enquires Arto-Randel Servet gives a brief introduction of the orchid of the year – the musk orchid (Herminium monorchis). Allan Selin announces the butterfly of the year – the blue underwing (Catocala fraxini). Which kind of railway does Estonia need? Arvo Järvet recalls the first ideas about the ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/11

Estonian Nature enquires Andres Hanso explains why the dam of the Väike Strait has earned attention again Karli Lambot summarizes the results of the discussion over Rail Baltic at the environmental committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia). Genes and behaviour: behavioral research of men and birds Vallo Tilgar mediates ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/10

Estonian Nature enquires Markus Vetemaa explains about the importance of fish counter for the ichthyologists. Georg Martin discusses why don’t the holes in the dam of the Väike väin (Small Strait) improve the condition of the strait. What does the sea hold? Katarina Oganjan, Gerta Reisalu, Georg Martin, Kristjan Herkül ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/5

Butterfly of the year: Clouded Apollo butterfly (Parnassius Mnemosyne) Allan Selin gives an overview of the clouded Apollo, an endangered and protected butterfly species of Estonia and Europe. Why did the Clouded Apollo butterfly disappear from the island of Saaremaa? Teet Ruben and Jaan Viidalepp look at the reasons why ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/4

The migration phenology of birds reflects climate changes Mait Sepp, Vello Palm and Aivar Leito look for relations between climate changes and the arrival of migratory birds. Research indicates that those birds which winter nearby arrive earlier than before. My summer in Estonia Indrek Ladva takes the role of a ……»