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Summary, Lehekülg 3

Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/01

Evolution of humans: Why men see the picture and women hear words? Juhan Javoiš and Lauri Palumets study if there is an evolutionary explanation to the differences of senses between men and women.   Meteorological observatory 150: The length of ice phenomena on rivers has shortened remarkably Tiia Pedusaar, Tiina Nõges, Peeter Nõges ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2015/11

Why do we get sick? An evolutionary view Peeter Hõrak imparts a hard fact: the humans’ fight against diseases is quite hopeless; all we can do is to adjust with diseases.   Why do we tend to become taller? Juhan Javoiš has interviewed Peeter Hõrak, the professor of physiological animal ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 10/2015

European spindle in Estonia: natural and wild trees over the country Heldur Sander gives a thorough overview of the spread of the domestic European spindle in Estonia and makes us acquainted with introduced species as well.   Estonian Nature enquires Taimi Paal looks back at the yield of wild berries ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2015/5

Orchid of the year: Fly orchid attracts the bugs to pollinate Ülle Jõgar describes the blooming and reproduction of the fly orchid – the plant with a peculiar blossom, and the factors that tend to limit its spread. How to recognize and insect X. Gnats and flies Mati Martin ends ……»


Summary Eesti Loodus 2015/6-7

 SPECIAL ISSUE: LIVONIA The Livonian coast is characterized by sand dunes and forest expanses Dace Sāmīte describes the nature of the Livonian coast at Courland, with expressive dunes and pine forests. Who are the Livonians? A group of authors explain the most common questions regarding the Livonians or Livs – a ……»