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Eesti Loodus (‘Estonian Nature’) is an in-depth magazine for people aware of and interested in nature. It particularly addresses the homeland nature, its research and protection. However, Eesti Loodus does not forget events taking place elsewhere in the world. The magazine features news of nature and nature-related science and research as well as the chronicles of Estonian nature conservation.
Eesti Loodus also continues to publish and support Estonian wildlife photography, writes about the expeditions of our scientists, and publishes manuals for nature observers and the letters of readers.
Every issue of the magazine features a cover story – a detailed and thorough narrative of an intriguing topic. The magazine also introduces different protected areas and includes maps of hiking paths. Comprehensive interviews with Estonian scientists give the reader insights into the world of science. The editorial board keeps an eye on newly published books as well.

In the globalizing world, Eesti Loodus has the vital mission of keeping the Estonian-language science alive. Although written in a somewhat popular form, the articles in the magazine help to bring the existent, but also new terms of natural sciences to the people.

Our visiting address: Veski 4, Tartu, Estonia
Phone/Fax: +372 7 421 143

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Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/12

Red deer in Estonia and elsewhere Karl Ligi describes a relatively new species of our fauna – the red deer – who can more frequently...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/11

Unique in Europe: Soomaa national park 20 Hans Trass recalls the story of the name Soomaa and points out reasons why this area was specifically...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2012/10

How to recognize an insect. II Palaeoptera Mati Martin continues introducing the diversity of insects. This time he focuses on Ephemoroptera (mayflies) and dragonflies, from...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/09

Corvidae, the most intelligent birds Tuul Sepp describes the intelligence of Corvidae: in the way they are able to earn and love to play they...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/08

How to recognize an insect. I Mati Martin proposes some clues for navigating among the billions of insect species of the world. First, the author...

Eesti Loodus 2013/06-07

The world as a bird sees it Tuul Sepp and Lauri Saks discuss over how birds might see the world and if their sight different...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/05. Special issue: RAPLAMAA / RAPLA...

My life at Raplamaa Margus Mikomägi reflects on the location and spirit of Raplamaa, or Rapla County. The strength of the county seems to encompass...

Summary 2013/03

Legs as oars, body as a shuttle Lennart Lennuk introduces a very diverse group of zooplankton: the copepods, which play an important part in the...

Summary 2013/04

Orchid of the Year: Early coralroot, a myco-heterotrophic orchid Tiiu Kull describes one of the exciting orchid species among the 400 species missing green leaves....

Summary Eesti Loodus 2013/02

The Tartu ski marathon runs on lovely landscape Taavi Pae introduces sights of natural and cultural interest close to the ski tracks. Most of the...

Summary Eesti Loodus 2012/12

Bats are protected species in Estonia Triinu Tõrv gives a thorough and captivating overview of the species diversity of our bats, their ways of...

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