Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/12


Estonian Nature enquires
Arto-Randel Servet gives a brief introduction of the orchid of the year – the musk orchid (Herminium monorchis).
Allan Selin announces the butterfly of the year – the blue underwing (Catocala fraxini).

Which kind of railway does Estonia need?
Arvo Järvet recalls the first ideas about the plan found Rail Baltic and discusses if Estonia needs such a fast railway track at all.

The economic risks of the current plan for Rail Baltic are mindlessly huge
Karli Lambot hopes that the planned Rail Baltic will not become the monument for the flightiness and wasting culture of Europe.

Tree of the Year. Honeysuckle: common, but little known
Nele Ingerpuu introduces the domestic species of honeysuckle as well as the introduced species of the genus.

Tree of the Year. Honeysuckle: origin of the name
Eerik Leibak looks at the different Estonian names for the honeysuckle (kuslapuu) and points out the regional differences.

Antarctica, the best success story of nature protection in the world
Enn Kaup speaks highly of the Madrid Protocol, or the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, which guarantees the minimum human impact of the icy continent at least until 2048.

Interesting Estonia. Lautna oak: we have to show more respect for our ancestors’ heritage
Ahto Kaasik is worried about the ruination of the ancient holy grove: the state of the oak tree reflects indifference and negligence.

Estonian Nature enquires
Maria Smirnova explains how does the National Heritage Board of Estonia guarantee the care for protected holy groves.

17th photo contest of Estonian Nature

Interview: A coastal meadow is much more than a “lawn” and two sandpipers
Helen Külvik has interviewed Marika Kose, a botanist and nature protector

Practical tips: Photographing in winter, II. How to keep your equipment from cold and moisture
Timo Palo shares advice about how to take photographs in winter conditions, focusing on taking care of the technical equipment.

Practical tips: Photographs of old trees
Urmas Tartes and Arne Ader continue their tips on nature photography by discussing taking photos of large standing objects such as individual old trees.

Letters from Mongolia, I: the journey from the capital of the steppe nation to the endless plains
Mati Kose shares his travel memories from a land rich in traditions, where pastoral society is still a way of life and Buddhist religion is highly honored.

Tiit Kändler’s essay: Estonia deserves a Nobel prize

Practical tips: How to choose a jacket

From the forest to the dining table: moose meat
Mikk Männiste takes a look at the moose hunting season and gives advice on how to use the meat in our diet.

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