Summary Eesti Loodus 2017/12


Waterfowl hunting in Estonia, the crossing point of migration routes of birds and standing points of people
Veljo Volke, Renno Nellis and Meelis Uustal discuss over the rules of waterfowl hunting: the current rules and regulations do not benefit any interest groups.

On the possibility of agriculture in geese-rich areas
Aivar Leito and Veljo Volke offer Solutions to life with geese and barnacle geese and conclude that farmers should adjust to the birds.

The geese have made the life of farmers simply hopeless
Olav Kreen, Andres Oopkaup and Heiki Kuusmik consider the existing bird-scaring measures to be little effective, taken from the crop farmer’s point of view.

Savalduma karst area, the wastewater discharge of the town of Tamsalu.
Oliver Koit and Marko Vainu describe the natural conditions of the Savalduma karst area, one of the most noteworthy karst areas of the Pandivere Upland, and draw attention to human activities which endanger the vulnerable area.

An unexpected assault against Nursipalu
Katre Palo takes a fresh look at what is going on at Nursipalu forest, the possible future military training field: recently some 100 ha of forest has been cleared at Nursipalu on the initiative of state institutions, but such clearing decision has not followed the rules of common practice.

The long-distance migrators were late, and there were many hawk owls
Tarvo Valker sums up the bird year of 2017: there were many sightings of hawk owls and common firecrests, and some sightings of some rare birds, but no new species.

An Estonian location: The church garden of Nõo and the church municipality men
Juhani Püttsepp likes the crows of Nõo, who are smart and know well the priest, bell-ringer, organists as well as meritorious members of the congregation.

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