Summary Eesti Loodus 2016/03


Bird of the year 2016: Great tit
Margus Ots introduces the biology and distribution of our most common wintering passerine bird and shares advice about feeding the tits in wintertime.

Estonian Nature inquires
Züleyxa Izmailova writes about action needed to take to save the flying squirrel
Tarvo Valker explaines if and how the global warming has affected the migration periods of birds of passage, based on the time they arrive in Estonia.

Bird of the year: Do you know the great tit?
Marju Kõivupuu complements the story of the Great tit by discussing its folk names, beliefs and traditions related to the bird.

Spring on the Baltic Sea: winds of change
Riina Klais gives an overview of the newest scientific studies about the algae of the Baltic Sea, and of the yet undescribed changes in algae populations.

Nature observations database – now in your smartphone
Reigo Roasto, Silja Kana and Merike Linnamägi call for nature observers to send their notes about nature by using the corresponding application in smart phones.

The town in front of Alutaguse
Mait Sepp desrcribes the ancient fort of Alulinn, which probably gave the name to the Alutaguse region. The history of Alulinn is little studied and little known.

A small Estonian location: Kiigeoru grove is home to many epiphytic bryophytes
Juhani Püttsepp went to pay a visit to the Kiigeoru grove at the Koke village, Tartumaa, and took some bryologists with him.

Interesting Estonia: Waterfall and sandstones in the Turje cellar
Elen Rekand suggests to visit the Turje cellar at Lahemaa, near Muuksi, which is called the spirit cellar of the Old Devil.

Interview: The rising air humidity hinders the growth of deciduous trees
Toomas Kukk has interviewed Arne Sellin, the  associate professor in applied biology and the laureate of the National research award.

Hiking trail: The irresistibly calling Paukjärve nature trail
Madli Luuk takes the reader to an exciting and beautiful hiking trail at North-Kõrvemaa. Besides natural values, the trail holds interesting military history.

Practical tips: The story of birds in pictures: what to consider when choosing photographs of birds
Urmas Tartes and Arne Ader continue sharing their advice about selecting pictures for texts and books. This time they focus on tips about how to catch photos of birds in their natural environment.

A recycling yard is part of housing infrastructure
Peeter Eek introduces the perfect recycling yard, where you could get rid of all sorted garbage.

The official briefs form the Environmental Inspectorate motivate the recycling yards to improve their work
Tarmo Tehva takes a look at the recycling yards of Harjumaa from the point of view of the Environmental Inspectorate, admitting that the situation has improved remarkably.

Cát Tiên National Park holds the species diversity of Vietnam
Indrek Jääts and Leho Luigujõe took a trip to one of the last oasis of the Vietnam’s tropical nature, to observe birds.

Tiit Kändler’s essay: The forests with and without leaders

 Practical tips: Biking trip in winter: are you crazy?
Juhan Javoiš talks about his experiences from winter biking trips: cold, slickness and darkness can be dealt with.

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